SamTra International

A letter from the CEO

A letter from the CEO

SamTra International was established as a privately owned trading company in Seoul Korea on March 17, 1995, specialized in selling various type of special cables, connectors and cable assemblies for high reliable, high life time & mission-critical applications, and recently in supplying high performance electro-mechanical & optical components, such as air moving low noise level fans & blowers, and brushless motors and DC torque motors, actuators, slip rings, rotary joints, optical transceivers and ethernet switches for optical network communication in aero-mil applications.

Various extreme cable interconnection problems in terms of flexibility, flex life, EMI, signal loss, cryogenic and extreme high temperature, space saving and weight reduction (light weight) in various Korean aero-mil programs have been solved through our professional consultancy sales, based on innovative technical expertise.

In response to our clients’ continuous suggestions and/or repeated requests, we have also supplied other various mil-spec part-numbered and customized components & subsystems to various Aero-mil & space programs in Korea, such as active & passive components and subsystems.

We have been very active and successfully involved in more diversified business areas of test & measurements, medical electronics, automotive electronics & high current charging EV, robotics and semiconductor equipment, navy & shipbuilding, plant engineering, iron & steel mills, railway (high speed trains) and white goods electronics, and machine tool and factory automations.

We are very proud of being an engineering-based trading company, specialized in listening carefully to our customers’ detailed requirements and providing perfect technical solutions and/or components, utilizing our high level technical understanding and expertise in electronic (high speed signal transmission, EMC, Optic networks & RF), electrical, mechanical & chemical and material engineering, rather than taking easy orders of standard part numbered products.


Sincerely Yours,

Yeunsung Sammy Choi





A letter from the CEO

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